26 August 2009

Gonzague The Elefun

Yeah, I started giving them names - proper names.
This one took me waaaay longer than I would have wanted, but I really wanted him to be shiny-shiny... I guess he's quite shiny now.
I knew I wanted to paint something shiny and pink, but thought (and I know I'm right) that a piggy bank was too easy a choice. So I went through the tee, and discovered that one. Yeah, discover, because I have to say, I have no recollection at all of drawing him, or even coming up with the idea. I don't know where he comes from. But he made me laugh enough to be picked.


I have added the proper names of the other ones too.


The ComicBook Factory said...

Cute, the names are weird are they common in France?

SHOo said...

Yeah, EVERYBODY is named that. If not the first name, then it's their middle name. Didn't they tell you? =)

alex dron said...

he looks pleased with himself...whats he been up to..i don't trust him now