31 August 2009

The pug at the Cafe

I was catching up with a friend on Saturday and we went to the cute little cafe two bays away from home. At the table next to us, there was this little fatty dog. He looked super laid back and comfortable and he spent all the time we were there, staring at his owners in a pug kind of way (you don't really know if he's actually looking at you), with a tiny bit of his pink tongue sticking out.



The ComicBook Factory said...

Very cute! Did you know pugs dogs heads are too big for normal birth and usually have to be delivered by cesarian, they'd become extinct without us...

Bianca Beneduci said...

oh my god!!!! this has to be one of the cutest pug sketches I've seen. I love those ugly little dogs

SHOo said...

Karl > Hahaha! I had heard something like that. Maybe it was even you telling me.

Bianca > Glad you like it! They're quite ugly-cute alright! =)

JuLiiiiiiiie ! said...

W0000000H ! Wonderful !!! ; )
J'adoore ! =D =D
Trooop Magnifiiique ! 0_0 =)

Bisouus, Love Youu Sis' !