17 September 2008


And here's a design I did for threadless. Actually, it's not. I want to do this big print, like 4500 x 4500 px, to put in our appartment. But because there was this awesome contest, I decided to turn it into a tee-shirt for the moment and will finish the print next week. Or the week after. I thought I'd take a little break from this: I spent around 22 hours on it and already counted 570 characters and items. I need to reset my brain to find more little friends.


Tibo said...

Génial fabuleux trop beau, je suis fan.

Cory said...

Very fine. If it ever gets made into a Tshirt, let us know!
btw random - its rad seeing your work on the organicky good phoenix trucks every morning on the way to work!

Christian Pearce said...

Holy crap! That's fantastic!

SHOo said...

Hey! Thank you guys!
Christian> cheers, that means a lot!