13 February 2009

Old collections

I was going through my folders and got my hands on these two "collections" of characters. I seem to have done them for the Phoenix project back in the days, but have no recollection of making them at all. I do remember having lots of fun making similar things though. It's so good to draw straight away, with no construction lines, and the only roughs are in your head.
So I was pretty pleased to find them.


I am using Dragons number 5, 12, and 25 for a new piece I started last night. That should be my next post. I've also been working on Fiance's music video a little (doing texturing and soon I'll be doing some more paintovers and some skies too), and on some commissioned artwork I can't show for a while (even though part of it has been released, I think it's more savvy to wait for the rest to come out... But I'm really excited about it!!! Like, almost-counting-days excited!)

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moon said...

Trop bien tes séries de bébettes !