3 October 2007

Back from Froggyland!

Allo, Allo!
I'm back from my holidays! It was great, we had such a good time over there, and it was awesome to have a break. Now, I have to get back to work with new projects, and a bunch of personal stuff I want to finish! I have to say, it's hard to get back to it after a month!

So, as promised, here is all the work I did on the Phoenix Organics job. I even put the two I had posted before, so everything is in one post. Those are all in magazines, the two last ones are also street posters. I've done everything on those five little guys, except the font for the three last ones.

Pencil, colored in Photoshop, and hours of work.

And, as it was not enough to do in a month and a half, I designed and directed (and put together most of them), the Tv commercials:

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tibo said...

awesome my friend.