24 August 2007

I'm off

I'm finally almost done with the Phoenix TVCs, so I'm officially on holidays! I'll have a nice whole month of vacation in France, and I'll be back at the end of September. One month away from computers, my little eyes are gonna be thankful!
I'll try to do some doodles and sketches, but I can't promise anything, since I'll be driving quite a lot and catching up with friends and family.

I thought I'd put my little Octopus and Pirate duo, as I realized I haven't put it fully (even if you've got quite a good view of it in the banner - a bit big, by the way, I might change that when I come back). I can't put more of the Phoenix illustrations or Tvcs right now, because they're not out yet, but I'll do it first thing when I come back.
Ok, that's it, I'm off! Have a good one!

Pencil and Photoshop.


*egÖn* (jo) said...

yuohorgl! pluarg!!!
shOo!! c'est trop beau! c'est... mmmagnifique!
je le savais! j'en avais la certitude que tu ferais des choses merveilleuses :*D je ne dis pas, avant c'était déjà super, mais là, c'est un accomplissement! congrat'!!
j'en ai les larmes aux yeux *snirfl*
continue bien de nous faire rêver (tout en amusant, c'est pas le panard, ça?)

de nouveau contactable! ici : eireen@laposte.net

SHOo said...

Oh! Genial! Joelle!!!! Merci merci! Merci mille fois pour ton commentaire!