26 October 2007


I intended to do way more updates on this blog, but time is running so fast. Just think, wasn't Christmas a month ago? NAH! Almost a year! Yeah, I know, it's pretty hard to believe.
Anyway, I'm a bit busy (and a lot lazy) at the moment. I've managed to do a couple of things still, which unfortunately I can't show you yet (because even when it's some personal work, sometimes you have to wait. How frustrating!).

So I've gone quickly through my folders and Oh! What did I find? A styleframe I did a while ago for an agency in Singapore.

I made it in five hours from scratch, with the help of my colleague because I was running out of time. So I made him do (how awesome was it to order things from him! haha!) the castle (white tower and little building with the flag) and the banner.
So here's a mix of Illustrator and Photoshop (mostly the latest) and cramps in my hand in the end!

And while I'm at it, I'm posting some character design I've done for it. Research more than anything really.The McPrincesses and McKnights.

And here is the final animation.
It's never been aired (some dark story of rights), but we still finished the ad for the agency itself.

The same colleague that helped me on the styleframe was the director (yeah, he's a bit of my superior) and did all the characters. I did all the rest of the artwork.

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