4 November 2009

i can haz more doodlez?

I've been eagerly waiting for this moment since I finished this bunch of commissioned artwork for EA's NFS Nitro... Actually, I've probably been dying to show them ever since I put my pencil on the paper and started drawing the first character. That's pretty much how excited I've been to work on this project (with those awesome peeps).
But you know how it is, NDAs and stuff, and I had to wait for a few months. Luckily for my nerves, I didn't have to wait for too long.

So, you remember that post? Well, they are bits and pieces taken from that one, that I did overnight:

Then I did that one. Cool, I had a full weekend to do it:

A few months later, I got asked to do some more. This time, I had to follow the theme of the different tracks in the game for the cities of:


-Cairo (my fav'):



-and Rio:

For the Cities ones, it was total luxury time-wise - I had a week for each. On the side of my normal day job hours of course.

And then (why stop?), I also did two more pages of elements for the User Interface:

Pencil on Paper, A4 (apart from number 2, which was slightly bigger). Copyright Electronic Arts.

I also did some logos, but can't get my hands on them right now... Funny thing is, I don't believe any of those made it to the final game. Haha.
I hadn't looked at them since I finished working on the project. Now I understand why I was a little tired and drained out. But man, I had the best time!


moon said...

Un bon taf de ouf !
Terrible !

Simon Legrand said...

Ouais, super. Felicitations.

alex dron said...

can I get all of these tattooed on my back

SHOo said...

Moon et Simon, merci les gars! =)
Alex... No you can't. EA owns it... and you're too hairy to have tattoos!!

Desiree Cassidy said...

Wonderful work!! I can see how it would have been a blast to work on!

alex dron said...

I should be alright as long as I don't get them done on my feet...

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Love your style!

SHOo said...

Thanks Desiree and Kyri!
Alex, are you a Hobbit?? =)

Jason Curtis said...


These are so much fun, I could stare at them for hours!

Outstanding job.

The Teenage Version Of Bridget Jones said...

Waow... Amazing I could sit and look at these all day I love them all!

SHOo said...

Jason and tTVoBJ > many, many, many thanks!


he heee :D great!!! I'm happy to discover your work. hugs

SHOo said...

Wow! Allessandro! Nice to see you around here! Thanks a bunch man!

KAVI said...

Freaking Awesome ! Graphic Design way to go !!!
Tu devrais en faire des t-Shirts ! je t'en achète un de suite !