18 May 2009

My baby sister is not a baby anymore

My youngest sis' turned 14 yesterday! So this year, I got 'round to doing a (long overdue) drawing for her.
When I did it, I was in the middle of my series of commissioned artwork, and took a Sunday afternoon (and night) off to start (and finish) this one. It was good to do something else for a few hours, and good to "push" my doodles a bit further this time. I had read Bill's technique a while ago and pretty much followed his advice step by step... minus the patience.
Got a text in the middle of the night from my sister: she loves it! YAY!

Ink and watercolor


The ComicBook Factory said...

I like so many elements in this drawing there is not enough space to list them!

SHOo said...

Haha! Thanks!!

Art Fan Ako said...

Lots of nifty images on here! Lucky sister... My kid is turning 14 soon and going to Highschool, but she'll always be my baby!

jacks said...


Jason Curtis said...

Oh man, this is GREAT! So much fun stuff to look at. All of the characters are amazing!

Hmmm...I think I'll have to create something like this.

SHOo said...

Well, thanks a lot everybody!

Ako> It's too hard to see my sister as a baby anymore anyway, since she's 5ft9 now... sigh... I can still her "little sis" though, that's a good thing.

Jacks>Oh man, thanks!

Jason> Will check on your blog to make sure you try and do one of those. It's so much fun to do!

Alina Chau said...

This is GREAT!

Juliie said...

Haha ! Of course I love it ! =D
Thk you veeeerrry much sister !!
I must call you soon !
So, Bye sis', I Love U So Much !

--> héhé jparle bien anglais heiin !! ;)

SHOo said...

Hey sis'! Haha! So cute to have you leave me a message in English! I'm very proud indeed!
Lots of Love, talk soon!