14 May 2009

Célian and Louis

One of my lovely cousin was due with her twins at the end of June. We agreed that I would do a quick little illustration to use as an announcement card, as I was very busy at that time.
The day I finished a batch of commissioned artwork, I did some roughs and sent her my ideas.
Two days later, she sent me her comments and... a picture of the babies, who decided it was time to come check out the real world. So it turned out to be an even more rushed job, but the new parents are super happy with it and I heard the twins think it's sweet too. Yeah, they are 10 days old and can speak already.

So I present to you: Célian and Louis. The drawn ones that is.



PBetteo said...

Lovely twins.
Lovely design.
Lovely reason to draw the lovely twins.

The ComicBook Factory said...

Which is the good one and which is the evil one?

SHOo said...

Thanks a lot PBetteo!
Karl, there's no such things as "evil babies", duh! =)

hadi tabasi said...

awesome too

Elodie said...

Encore un grand Merci pour ta superbe participation :)
Tu es adorable et tes illustrations sont géniales !
J'aimerais bien en imprimer d'ailleurs pour décorer la chambre des loulous !! :)
Bisous bisous