18 December 2008

Mad Squirrel

I finally got to finish a more worked out version of this speedpainting. Ticking off one more thing of my to-do-before-the-new-year list. Next are some more paint over renders for my fiance's short.
I should also be able to post some of the cool projects I got to work on at work lately! Hopefully before the X-mas break.



Alina Chau said...

Wonderful illustration!! Love the style! so cute!

Baptiste LUCAS said...

hey shoo! Thx very much for your comments on my blog! I discovered your work and in really like your characters and especially the girls done by pen.later!

D1S4ST3R said...

That's so rad

SHOo said...

Oh! You, here? How are you man? Thanks for stopping by! How are things going?