12 December 2008

Lady Long Legs

I tried something I should do all the time really - work in grayscale first and get my values (more or less) right, then go on to coloring. So I did with this one. It was fun and faster than I thought. Will definitely work like that from now on, at least for a while (one or two days at least), until I'm getting better at it, and better at color.


Now, my problem is, I just want to start over this one, and get it right in grayscale first... There are things that are definitely jumping out as wrong... It's really tickling me, but I think I will just keep on with what I started and get better habits on the next one.
Also coming up soon, some studio work I did recently. As soon as they're on air.

And I'm realizing as I'm posting these images, that I need to upload them on a different account if I want high quality (these ones are losing in quality and details...)... One more reason to work on my own website... I'll set up a special Flickr account asap too.


Woric said...

How did you do the light one the handbag?

SHOo said...

hahaha! that's a bit a cheat that one, but it perfectly did the trick: the "plastic wrap" filter sometimes rules. Same on the gloves.