1 April 2008

Florida's Natural

It's been a while since I posted the first character I did for this ad. You remember the little professor? Well he was ditched, but here is the rest of the project.
First a styleframe I did at the very beginning, and the different backgrounds I created. We usually don't go that detailed on backgrounds in ads, but I wanted to spend some more time on it for once, as I remembered all those Kellogg's Cocoa Puffs ads (with the monkey).
And you can also see the final render with the 3D and all. I really hesitated before posting this job, because I can barely stand it anymore... I don't know, I'm just over it. Haha! Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy.


Tibo said...

brilliant as always dude

SHOo said...

Hahaha, "dude"! Excellent. Thanks Tibo! =)