5 March 2008

Princess BBQ

Paul Lasaine just said "now go draw", so I obeyed of course, trying his pencil brush. I wanted to re-work on this drawing for a while (I did it almost two years ago in Illustrator), so I re-drew the lines and coloured it. Ok, that's also because I'm a bit lazy, but I promise I'll do some other ones I had in mind (but never did), in the next few days.

EDIT: in May 2010, someone left a comment on my blog on another post. I went to check their work and thank them, That's when I came across the second post on their page at the time. I was quite puzzled by the ressemblance of our two pieces and emailed the person. I was simply told it is very possible two persons have the same idea. I guess I would have never thought we could come up with the same layout, same props, same hat and shoes and same concept. So just for ref, I wanted to make sure I also linked to my original original one, dated July 2006. Just for the records.


bobee said...

It's very cut, I really appreciate the colours

Howard Shum said...

Fun drawing!

ta soeur bretonne said...

Deviine quii c'est!
J'viiens voiir de temps en temps les nouveautées et tout le tralala ^^
J'laiime trop celuii la, trop jolii