5 May 2014

About time

Ok. So... Can we pretend I did not hit a near-total creative drought after having a kid, then another? Can we pretend it did not take me more than a year to do a blog update? Yes? Great, thanks!
So, remember this one? Well I always wanted to do more of the sort, and I finally managed to finish this one:


I am trying to get back in the saddle after way too long. I have been trying all this time to draw things, do more art, get out there... But I kept on hitting the wall and couldn't get past the hurdles that come with the lack of practice. So here I am, with my plans of working a little every night, finishing the various things I had started, one after the other, trying to rebuild a portfolio and who knows, maybe even come up with new things. All that to say, keep checking peeps, it might not be daily updates, but I am back!


Sam Rowan said...

Lovely! As always missing you guys

SHOo said...

Cheers Sam! Missing you too, dude! Why don't you come back a little bit ;)