29 October 2012


So now that I am a mum, I do mum-like things. Mainly laundry, I have to say. That, and drinking coffee. But I figured I had to make my first Halloween costume for Romy, and so between making my little girl laugh and a load of dirty clothes, I took on sewing. About ten days out from the date I needed the costume by.
I had seen this little gem, and so went off the same pattern, added a bit of fluff and pollen pompoms and VOILA! A Baby Bumble Bee:

And I am still trying to find a little bit of time and a lot of inspiration to get back to drawing and photoshop-painting... But I will find a way to get back in the swing of things eventually...


clarebear said...

Sooo cute and hilarious, love it!

SHOo said...

Ha!! Thanks Clare!!