5 February 2011

NZ Goes Pop exhibition

Thanks to my friend Jess at Wootini, I got to be part of the NZ goes Pop exhibition opening tonight at the Gallery. Make sure to go and check the pieces out if you're around, or go check the website to discover all the cool artists that are in the show (Becky, to only name here, is absolutely amazing!!!). The show runs until Feb 28th.

Pencil, Watercolor and Ink on Arches, A3.
This pic shows the original frame, which I hear, is no more. Not sure what it looks like now, but I'm sure the peeps at Wootini did an amazing job. Thanks so much guys!


alex dron said...

that looks smashing....and would look even smashier in my lounge

SHOo said...

thanks, you! would go well with your cats too!

Natalia - juegos de barbie said...

amazing paint!