7 September 2010

About time!

I don't know... It must have been a good three or four years (and a good hundred of lame sketches) since I first wanted to do a Monkey Girl Fan Art for Barth.
So now, it's done. Well, a Wellington version anyway - I don't know how girls do it here, but right in the middle of the very windy winter, they manage to rock out in tiny skirts and backless tops.

Photoshop and that previous-post brush again.


executeyk said...

So cute! i like the life her skirt brings

glamour.peacock said...

wow! u are really talented! love the picture ^^

Alina Chau said...

V COOL character!! Love the costume design!

Barth said...

Putain, j'avais rate ca !

Elle est juste parfaite et m'inspire pour la suite !

SHOo said...

HA! Thanks ladies! You're all too nice!
Et Barth, encore merci, c'est vraiment trop gentil!