29 August 2010

Sketchoholic - Chris Sanders contest

I feel like I'm saying this all the time, but I'll say it again: I'm really busy at work. And find I rarely have the time or energy to work some more when I get home. Plus I generally feel quite uninspired at the moment, which doesn't help.
But when I heard that Bobby Chiu was hosting a Chris Sanders contest and interview on the terrific Sketchoholic, I couldn't resist, and ended up pulling an all-nighter at the beginning of the week (real smart! I'm still paying the price) to enter the contest. I didn't really make it in time (read, I didn't really finish it), so here is the Wip I posted, that I intend to finish... one day... maybe.


The theme was "Nightmares" and you can view all the other entries and watch the interview here.