30 March 2010

Everything but what I'm supposed to be doing

Well, hello there! It's been a while!

I've been lazy busy lately, I changed jobs and have to get used to the ultra-excitement and new rythm, and have been working on a few freebies for family and friends (the usual Wedding Invites and Logos... you know how it is).

So I'm finally back to working on my own stuff in my spare time, and decided to perhaps do the Pin-Up challenge that my Weta-colleague Pascal hosts on his forum (and I've put links, so please, do go, the forum is really great, and since it's not overcrowded (yet), it's real good to get feedback and critics! Plus he's pretty awesome!).
I was doing colour roughs tonight and quite liked the brush I was playing with. Got carried away once again, and did this little tiny doodle:


I've noticed that I have the bad habit of doing everything but what I'm supposed to be doing.
Tonight, I was supposed to block out my pose for the challenge. While I have explored several tracks already, I am not there yet and will have to work some more on it tomorrow.
Same happened for the previous post. I haven't forgotten I am supposed to finish this jogger-of-the-future girl (which I started when I was supposed to do some urgent wedding invites, of course!), but now I have time, I decided to take on the pin-up challenge. Maybe. If I don't get side-tracked, that is....


enb said...

I really like all your doodles!

SHOo said...

Thanks a lot man!