29 December 2009


A couple of months ago, there was a contest in the Animation Department at Weta Digital to elect the three designs that would get printed onto Avatar Crew Gear. I somehow got to submit something -I'm the receptionist, not an animator-, and ended up winning.
It's pretty much everything in the movie.... but there's no spoiler, it's also all in the trailer!
Thanks again guys for letting me play and liking what I did! It meant the world to me!

Ink on watercolor paper, Photoshop.
This is the version that got approved and printed, after a few minor changes.


Marina Friedl said...

Absolutely adorable!!
No wonder you won!

Desiree Cassidy said...

So cool!

alex dron said...

I love the gay pose of the giant robot..reminds me of 'amish

SHOo said...

Marina >!!! Thanks!!! How are you girl?

Desiree > tee-hee!

Alex > 'amish says it reminds him of you =)

nuage said...

Coooool!! ^^
C'est bien que ton travail soit ainsi reconnu!
Dans l'ensemble, je suis vraiment épatée et ravie que tu te sois épanouie de la sorte artistiquement!
J'ai vraiment des leçons à prendre... ;o)

SHOo said...

Hey Nuage! Rha ca me fait toujours aussi plaisir quand tu passes! Bisous!