11 August 2009


I'm finally back! I took a week off to settle down in my new super house, and reset a little. Ok, apart from unpacking and decorating, I've just been plain lazy...
So, yesterday, to get back in the saddle, I did something I intended to do for a loooong time. I painted my favourite robot (ever), Julius, from Karl Wills's Connie Radar. I had asked Karl ages ago (such a long time ago I can't even remember when) to give me some roughs of Julius so I could paint it/him. I had colored the comic, so I kinda knew the base colors, but I took some liberties and painted him more how I envisionned him - not brand new, a bit worn off.
I think I originally imagined he had more paint chips and rust and scratches, but now that I got to "meet" him, I know he's a tidy, well-groomed robot. He surely wouldn't let rust happen. He knows better.

Photoshop - Character Design by Karl Wills


Desiree Cassidy said...


hamish said...

he is cool, are you going to do a Connie version to keep him company?

The ComicBook Factory said...

Wow! That's so great! You're right he would never allow himself to rust. Merci de mille!

SHOo said...

Desiree > Thanks!!

Hamish > yeah I know I should!

Karl> you're most welcome. Mind if I do a Connie?