15 July 2009

Sunnies 01

I feel really bad I haven't updated in a while. I've been uber busy at work, with a big deadline coming up in two weeks + (being, I'm leaving Yukfoo at the end of the month) and tons to do before that, plus trying to organise the move, and looking for another job...
So the only spare time I find for myself is in the morning. I give a call to my fiance to wish him a good day, and spend about an hour more in bed, checking my emails, reading what everybody's been up to (while I was asleep) on Twitter, and... having fun with "Brushes" on the iTouch.
I decided straight away I would wait before I buy one of those fancy stylus for iPod/iPhone , so I'm painting with my little fat fingers. They are not actually that fat, but fatter than, say, a Pogo thingy. Not that I don't want a stylus, I do, ultimately, but I just thought I'd see if I liked Brushes more than Colors on DS (never quite did it for me, sigh), and it'd hopefully allow me to loosen up a little, not be so pixel-precious and so on...
So. Started a pointless series of animals with sunnies. Here's the first one, who happens to also be the first thing I ever painted in Brushes. (I'm actually cheating, this one was not done in bed, it was done in the plane between Auckland and Wellington.)

Brushes on iPodus Touch

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