6 December 2007

Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas Day... Hum, doesn't mean much... Except if you were born in Alsace and spent your first ten years in Germany (uh oh! like me!!).
On December, 6th, you would always have a hot chocolate and eat those little brioche-like little men called Manalas (or Mannele in Alsacian) for dinner. So, as I obviously couldn't get any of those here in New Zealand, I made some myself, and since it's quite long to prepare, I made a little drawing while waiting for the dough to prove and then to prove again, and then to bake. And then to cool down a little bit.
So here is a little Saint-Nicholas-related thingy as it's the only time of the year I can make it.


The Manalas were delicious. Just like home!

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egön said...

Miaaam les Mannele!!... :) je penserai à toi quand je m'en empiffrerai ce Noël à Mulhouse! gniehehe... Superbe ta carte, mais où est donc passé le Père Fouettard?!?

egön =^_^=