23 November 2007

Christmas is soon!

This year, I decided to try out my boyfriend's method for Christmas shopping: shop super-early! Like, right now, all my shopping is done, and I'm usually the kind of person to shop on the day! I have to say, it feels pretty awesome. Except that now, I want to give my presents, it's too hard to keep them.
As I have to send quite a bit to my family too, I had to do my christmas cards in time to send them with the gifts.
I know I shouldn't post it, but here it is. I can't show the presents, so let me show you the cards!

Watercolor and Photoshop (more to fix the bad quality of the scan than anything else)

It was the first time in ages (like, 3 or 4 years) I actually used watercolor. It was really fun to do and leave the computer aside for once.

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ta p'tite soeur said...

Ours Xmas card!