8 August 2007

Lauching in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

I'm finally posting my first entry in this new blog. I took my time, not that I have anything fantastic to show, I was just a bit lazy. And over booked. Like, mental!

Anyway. I'll be posting only my artwork (ok, maybe, sometimes, I might also post some references, or some links and all... but we're not there yet), with copyright me and blahblahblah.
I'll try to remember to add some links shortly too...

And I start with my first publication, an illustration for Phoenix Organics. After that, and for a while, I'll be posting old stuff, sorry about that. I just need time to finish my personnal projects, and time for the other publications to be out and all.

Sooooo. Here we go, pencil, digital color, and 5 days of work.

I'm trying to finish the coloring in my spare time, but I've got quite a few personnal projects that are more urgent for the moment, after I finish this Phoenix job. I've already done two other illustrations, have two to go, and four five-seconds commercials to design and supervise. Before I go on holiday in twenty days!

Got to run!


Tibo said...

Sale traitre ! l'anglais c caca !

rinoa said...

c trop beau, comment tu fais?

SHOo said...

Ho Merci Madame!
Ben je dessine tout ce qui me passe par la tete... et je suis meme pas sous acide!

Jonathan Baker said...

I saw the comment you left on our blog... thanks a bunch dude. LOVE your character style too, really cute. Dying to see that poster finished and coloured!

Keep checking back for new work and updates... BIG things are happening in the next couple months.

Take care.

SHOo said...

Oops, deleted the comment saying "thanks thanks thanks" =)